Protect the investment in your Alpha & VAX applications

Do not change your valuable business software by porting it to another platform. Instead, create a virtual Alpha or VAX inside a modern computer and run your applications there, unchanged.

Your software will recognize the virtual Alpha or VAX as the system it was running on all these years and it will therefore continue to run. This prolongs its life time by many more years.

No changes  →  No problems  →  Quick & inexpensive solution

Tick, tack, tick, tack . .

     Alpha / VAX:

  • Retired computers

  • Degrading maintenance

  • Increased break-down risk

  • Custom made applications

  • Large software investment

  • Succession problem

  • Migration difficult/expensive

  Alpha and VAX replacement without changing your software applications  

     vtAlpha / vtVAX:

Your processes or users will not notice that something has changed.
No migration, retraining or recertification required.