Alpha replacement product overview

This table shows which vtAlpha model is best suited to replace a certain Alpha:

(Alpha Start)
single CPU,
low performance
AlphaStation 200, 250
AlphaServer 300, 400
(Basic Systems)
single CPU,
high performance
AlphaServer 800
AlphaServer 1000
AlphaStation 500, 600, DPW
AlphaStation XP900, XP1000
DMCC/Flexor OEM systems
(Classic Systems)
1 - 4 Alpha CPU's,
high performance
AlphaServer 2000, 2100
AlphaServer 4000, 4100
(DS-class systems)
1 - 2 Alpha CPU's,
high performance
AlphaServer DS10, DS15
AlphaServer DS20, DS25
AlphaServer 1200
(ES-class systems)
1 - 4 Alpha CPU's,
high performance
AlphaServer ES40, ES45. ES47
(GS-class systems)
1 - 32 Alpha CPU's,
high performance
AlphaServer GSxxx.
In development.
Call us for release dates

The vtAlpha product portfolio is designed to replace any Alpha system in the installed base. OpenVMS or Tru64 are fully supported, including Clustering.

vtAlpha runs directly on top of the host hardware (Bare Metal) or on its virtual equivalent like VMware, Xen, Hyper-V, KVM or others.


vtAlpha, a quick summary

vtAlpha is a software product that creates the hardware interface of an Alpha computer system on a regular Intel or AMD processor based system.

It allows the owners of Alpha computer systems to simply copy their Alpha disk content to the new host computer and run their Alpha based software on a totally different hardware architecture.

No application software migration is required, saving enormous amounts of effort, time and money. You can simply integrate your Alpha systems in your company  IT infrastructure.

You can setup Fault or Disaster Tolerant vtAlpha installations to ensure to continuous availability of your virtual Alpha's.