Carry On Alpha

vtAlpha pre-installed and preconfigured on a USB memory stick.  Combined with the product license on the same stick this gives you a mobile and instantly usable virtual Alpha, maintaining the Bare Metal approach.

Alpha on a stickYou can plug this mobile device into any system you want to use and run your virtual Alpha’s directly on it, just like that.

It is actually not something totally new.
We have been offering this solution to our resellers from the early beginning of vtAlpha, in order to allow them to demonstrate Alpha virtualization on their personal laptops without removing the existing disk content.

It allows to use the laptop for presentations and reboot it from the USB stick for a product  demonstration.

Later, when we added full Virtual Machine support, this function faded a bit into the background. But recently we detected renewed interest for this special implementation in the real Alpha world.

So we dusted off the initial product, added extra functionality and now we have it available for anybody who wants a mobile Alpha solution. You may run one or more virtual Alpha’s from the same USB stick, depending on your license content.

Plug it into a system and run vtAlpha from the USB device. Use all disks in the host as physical disks. Create a diskless Alpha, that takes its storage from the host or the  company SAN. Carry your personal Alpha with you all the time (shown key hanger not included since we don’t have anymore real Alpha chips).

Please contact your nearest vtAlpha reseller when you want to know more about this product (they can show it instantly, since they already carry the key with them), or ask us to contact you.

5 thoughts on “Carry On Alpha”

  1. I work with one of your US re-sellers and have temporary license to present demos of the product. Have several presentations appointed and will like to entertain the possibility of present the product in stick. Is it possible to install it using the demo license I have?

    Best regards,


    1. Angel, in principle the answer is yes. However, I do not know which license key type you are currently using., Both types (compact and Alpha-on-a-stick type) are present in PR, but I can’t see which one you are using (the license number would help). Please approach your current contact person and we will make sure that you get what you need.

      Regards, Arie

    1. Alan, there is a small uplift for the portable device over the normal vtAlpha license cost. So, the final answer depends on the product you would be looking for (AS/BS/CS/DS/ES).
      AVT creates/maintains the products and leads the customer contacts via our local representatives. I will ask one of them close to you to follow up on on your pricing question.
      Best regards, Arie

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