VLAN for Alpha and VAX

Virtual LAN (VLAN) is not something you will directly associate with Alpha and VAX systems, but in vtAlpha and vtVAX support for VLAN is embedded in the product. Now you can simply run your Alpha and VAX communication across your company VLAN infrastructure.

A VLAN carves up your physical network into multiple Virtual LANs. Each VLAN can run in parallel across the same physical infrastructure, remaining logically separated. Your OpenVMS or Tru64 software does not have to be made aware or suited to support this new technology, AVTware takes care of that for you.

For your software the network link remains a network link, regardless how it is physically organized.

Display of VLAN in vtAlpha

And no extra software needs to be installed, just add a VLAN to your network link with the help of the vtMonitor management tool. You can now use that VLAN in your virtual Alpha or VAX configuration, easy does it.

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vtAlpha Virtual Network Switch

Customers who are running multiple virtual Alphas on a single host like to share high speed Ethernet links by multiple virtual Alpha’s. Especially when running on Blade systems that most often only have very few Ethernet connections. For these customers, and the ones with many Ethernet links, we have developed the Virtual Ethernet Switch.

The system manager can create one or more Virtual Ethernet Switches that can serve multiple purposes:

  • Allow multiple virtual Ethernet adapters to share a single host adapter
  • Assign multiple physical Ethernet adapters to a Virtual Switch for fail-over capability
  • Interconnect multiple virtual Alphas in one host without the need for a physical Ethernet link.

Depending on the line load and the capacity of the host links, many virtual Ethernet adapters can share a single host connection.

Creating Virtual Switches, adding/removing host adapters and managing these things can be simply done from the Toolbox/Network tab in vtMonitor.

Contact us when you want to learn more about this feature.