vtAlpha version 3 available

This week we released version 3 of our Alpha and VAX virtualization product. Version 3 contains mainly updates at the vtAlpha side, like increased CPU performance by assigning more resources for Alpha virtualization.

vtAlpha now covers the full range of Alpha computer products, up to the Enterprise Class AlphaServer GS320.

Also added are the virtual equivalents of the EI1000 and DEGXA Gigabit Ethernet adapters that can be found in these bigger Alpha systems.

In version 3 we also introduce a new back-plane for the virtual AlphaServer 2000 and 4000 models to support older OpenVMS and Tru64 releases.

The vtMonitor management interface was modernized as well to support the new functions and reflect the importance of the changes in version 3.

For more information contact your local vtAlpha and vtVAX representative, they will be happy to update you about all the new features.

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