AVTware version 3.2 available

Version 3.2 of vtAlpha/vtVAX virtualization solution offers the following enhancements:

  • Start-up of a virtual Alpha stops when detected that one of the configured console port-numbers is already allocated by another emulator.
  • Virtual tapes for vtAlpha now supports the use of sub-directories
  • MOP v3 and MOP v4 network boot now supported in vtAlpha
  • Allocation of JIT-pages by vtAlpha is now completely auto-tuned, manual option is eliminated
  • Virtual tape autoload and tape format options added in TapeMGR for vtVAX
  • Latest security updates applied
  • Full HTTPS access implemented
  • Embedded webserver now refuses DES ciphers
  • Support for LK463 French keyboard added

Ask your personal virtual Alpha and VAX expertise center for more information or contact us directly.

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