Alpha running native on x86

The idea of replacing an AlphaServer by a virtual Alpha running on a modern and more common host computer is welcomed by most IT managers. The concept of computer virtualization is a functional and financial very attractive solution. The main advantages are that Alpha virtualization is a very quick and inexpensive way to move your existing applications to a newer platform.
It lets you prolong the lifetime of valuable and important applications by replacing the supporting hardware platform. Not having to change your delicate and expensive software is a very important benefit.

The importance of their applications makes people very wary when they hear that potential solutions run on a foreign operating system like Windows or sometimes Linux. The main concerns focus around security and reliability.

Alphas and VAXes are known to runĀ uninterrupted for years in a row, so their successor faces the same expectations. A foreign host operating system is a reliability risk since the virtual Alpha has no control over it. Changes made to the host operating system are outside the scope and influence of the virtual Alpha. Bug-fix or service pack updates of these host operating systems sometimes cause compatibility problems with the execution of the virtual Alpha. This can result in undesired down-time for the virtual Alpha system(s).

vtAlpha addresses these concerns by running the Alpha virtualization native on a standard x86-type host.

Bare Metal Approach

vtAlpha can run directly on the x86 host. The product includes a Host Hardware Manager that supports a broad range of peripheral devices. This ensures the support of most available x86 related peripherals.

It is an x86-based Alpha, a unique proposition.

vtAlpha also runs on virtual machines. Virtual machines are increasingly becoming the IT infrastructure of choice with our potential users, therefore our solution is designed to support that environment.

In fact vtAlpha has the broadest range of host system support available:

  1. It will run directly on the physical host hardware
  2. It will run on virtual machines

Bare Metal

Read more about the vtAlpha Bare Metal capability on the website.

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