Alpha Security Matters

The Alpha computer was considered more secure and reliable than other environments. For this reason potential customers frowned upon running a virtual Alpha on top of a foreign operating system like Windows or Linux. This is perceived as not reliable/secure enough because the virtual Alpha running on it has in fact no control over that foreign environment.

To maintain the high level of reliability and security of the Alpha computers we designed vtAlpha from the ground up to control the host hardware itself. We refer to this as Bare Metal Installation. This is of course a lot more work for the developer but in the end of the day the results are much better for the customer.

Bare metal

AVTware includes the Operating System Functions and Peripheral Drivers and it fully controls the host environment it runs on. This is important to avoid the security holes of any underlying Operating System.

With AVTware Bare Metal the virtual Alpha itself is well protected, but since it runs in a company network we made sure other inroads are well secured too.

For example the network traffic that allows managing the virtual Alpha configurations as well as the host environment they run in (hardware, storage, network) needs to be protected as well.

By default vtAlpha opens up the following network ports only:

22350 vtAlpha license key
Which you can expand by enabling the following capabilities (disabled by default):
21 FTP
22 SSH
139/445 SMB (files sharing)

Use FTP and SMB wisely, having them active at all times is in fact a potential security risk.

vtAlpha offers extra protection for your console lines (OPA0). The management tool (vtMonitor) is only accessible via user-id/password. Everything is safeguarded by the highest levels of encryption of course. For good security you should always use HTTPS to handle the remote management via vtMonitor, to secure the information exchange between the system manager and the vtAlpha host system.

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