Springtime, the birth of a new vtAlpha version

On April 3, 2013 AVTware gave birth to vtAlpha v2.7.

Additional characteristics of this brand new vtAlpha family member:

  • Support for legacy storage types (MSCP, DSSI, IDE and RAID).
  • Network File Storage (NFS) included. Interesting for “on the fly” off-host backups.
  • vtAlpha full system partition backup and restore.
  • Email alerts to notify system management of critical issues.
  • Virtual PBXDA (Serial Line Adapter) enhancements.
  • Full VMware Vmotion support (migrate a running OpenVMS/Tru64 system from one host to another)
  • Various improvements in the management tool.

With this new version vtAlpha shows its constant growth in functionality, again including many requests we receive from our customers.

We encourage you to keep us on the edge, improving the product by telling our local representatives about your desires and requirements for vtAlpha.

Let us know what you like to see in the next version.


3 Replies to “Springtime, the birth of a new vtAlpha version”

  1. Could vtAlpha adopt Vmware FT technology to achieve zero down in case of hardware failure (Vmware HA still has down time for guest OS re-start in case of hardware failure)

    1. Howard, we qualified with Vmotion to let a running virtual Alpha migrate from one host to another, so that works well.
      We have not looked at the VMware FT technology you are referring to. But we will examine that and see what it means for virtual Alpha’s.

      Thanks for the tip.

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