AVT VMSbook: OpenVMS on X86

AlphabookRemember the Alphabook that was released by Tadpole in 1996? The first OpenVMS Notebook, meant for the military market?

A great accomplishment at that time, hope for the future of VMS.
A ruggedized, heavy piece of equipment, (under)powered by an Alpha 21066 chip ( 233 Mhz), 128 MB memory and 1 GB disk.

Great at that time, but massively expensive so it didn’t really fly.

However, with vtAlpha you can make a laptop running OpenVMS only. After pressing the power button it opens up in the VMS session manager where you can log into VMS. How about that?

There is probably not a large market for it (Notebook, vtAlpha and OpenVMS licenses add up to quite a bill). OpenVMS developers who like to have such a gem probably don’t have the money for it.

However it could be done, so we did it, as a Proof of Concept. Not really a product but just for fun. An ordinary HP laptop, with vtAlpha installed and OpenVMS with hobbyist license.


It is on display at the OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015, Sept 28 – 30, Nashua

Visit us in the central Boot Camp Lounge and see for yourself.

2 Replies to “AVT VMSbook: OpenVMS on X86”

  1. Oh, this is already quite a while ago, can’t exactly remember. Some HP model that was available back then. There is some overhead in back and forward translation from Alpha to X86, so make sure the laptop you choose has sufficient Ghz, depending on your expectations.

    Please check this page for our ecommendations: https://www.avtware.com/vtalpha-x86

    In general a notebook with I5 or I7 processor and sufficient speed would do the job.

  2. Interesting. What laptop model did you use? Were the instruction for the VMS-laptop every published?

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