VAX replacement

VAX 3000 Your valuable software is running on a VAX computer. Unfortunately these systems are no longer manufactured and active maintenance is also coming to an end.

So you are forced to do something about that, to protect your valuable applications, which are still working perfectly. Only the VAX is a problem.

Your applications can't simply be moved to another computer because the VAX architecture is not compatible with the modern Intel or AMD based systems. Migration of the software may come to mind, but that is most of the time a major effort. Expensive too, and you may introduce problems because you are changing the software. Not a very appealing scenario. But there is an elegant way out of this dilemma.

vtVAX creates a layer inside the common Intel/AMD based system which is equivalent to the original VAX: it becomes a virtual VAX. This means you can copy the contents of your VAX disks to the virtual VAX system and run your software without changes.

To run yours VAX software without changes, simply copy the contents of your VAX disks to the vtVAX system.

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