How to Implement our Solutions?

Our vtVAX and vtAlpha products are the basis of the total solution to replace your Alpha or VAX hardware. They create the virtual Alpha/VAX you need to extend the life-span of your  applications.

However, you may require further services to help you with the implementation in your organization. Transitioning from a physical to a virtual Alpha or VAX system involves the following tasks:

  • Installing the virtualization software
  • Moving your Alpha/VAX data from the original hardware to the new environment;
  • Integrating the Alpha/VAX virtualization into your existing IT-infrastructure;
  • Testing and qualifying the new virtualized systems for your operation;
  • Project planning and implementation;
  • Post-project services such as OpenVMS or Tru64 support (e.g. outsourced system management);
  • Product support: answering questions or addressing problems you encounter when using the emulation product.

OpenVMS and Tru64 remain a special area of expertise and you may want to call in dedicated expertise to assist you during any stage of the process.

To provide these services AVT has partnerships with companies all over the world that have the necessary expertise and are on hand to deliver local support.

Our partners have extensive experience in the execution of Alpha and VAX physical-to-virtual transitions. They will shorten the project time frame, and can provide additional OpenVMS and Tru64 support upon completion of the project if needed.

These partners are local to you. They speak your language and can also provide specialized OpenVMS/Tru64 services beyond the scope of the virtualization project.

All of this can be adapted according to your needs and the available expertise in your own organization.

Please contact AVT or one of our local partners for further information or with specific questions on this topic.

We look forward to work with you.