Alpha Emulation: A Quick Summary

vtAlpha creates a virtual Alpha environment inside a modern Intel/AMD type computer (or Virtual Machine, or Cloud).

This hides the differences of the modern hardware from your OpenVMS or Tru64 applications and eliminates the need for changes in your software.

No changes ➜ no problems.

Just copy your disk content to the new system and continue your operation as you are used to. It really is that simple (the process, of course, not the technology behind it!).

By creating the exact equivalent of the AlphaServer or AlphaStation you want to replace, your software is presented with the same hardware interfaces it is used to work with.
Therefore, no changes need to be made to your software

This process is referred to as Alpha Virtualization or Emulation. It has already helped many Alpha owners prolong the lifetime of their applications by moving them to modern hardware.

Over the lifetime of the Alpha computer line many different products were part of that family. From the desktop AlphaStation up to AlphaServer GS1280 systems, supporting many users. The vtAlpha products are organized along the same way, offering full coverage of the whole Alpha product line.

OpenVMS or Tru64 directly on X86 computer, Virtual Machine or Cloud.

By creating the exact Alpha hardware environment as the original system, vtAlpha allows to run all OpenVMS or Tru64 software without changes on a modern compute platform. The Operating System does not change, the applications do not change, nor does the database technology that is used or the procedures that have been put in place. Upgrade to newer hardware without changing your existing applications!

vtAlpha-AS (Alpha Start) and vtAlpha-BS (Basic Systems) are designed to replace single CPU AlphaServer or AlphaStation systems. vtAlpha-AS is the entry-level product meant to replace the earliest Alpha workstations and servers that were equipped the first generation Alpha processors. vtAlpha-AS runs less fast than vtAlpha-BS and offers less PCI-slots, much like the original systems. The other vtAlpha products can replace multi-CPU AlphaServers, each having a different (virtual) backplane to meet the requirements of the systems in each group.

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Quick Transition Process:

  1. Install vtAlpha on a host system;
  2. Make a virtual equivalent of the Alpha;
  3. Copy the content of your Alpha disks;
  4. Continue your operation as before.

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