DEC X-terminal Emulator

Turn any regular PC or Laptop into a dedicated DEX X-terminal by using vtXterm from by AVTware.

vtXterm installs directly on any regular PC or laptop, turning it into a dedicated X-terminal, that connects to your virtual Alpha and VAX servers across your LAN.


It will work with the standard PC graphics, but then you may miss out on some of the features that your original DEC X-terminal equipment provided. Therefore we recommend to install a Nvidia or ATI graphics adapter to enable these capabilities. The software for those products is included in our installation procedure.

If you are still happily using any old DEC-style keyboard (e.g. LK401, LK411 or LK462) you may want to consider our LK-keyboard adapter that connects your existing keyboard (with all the extra function or customized keys) to the new hardware. This makes sure that there are no changes to be made to the user-environment when you replace your ancient VAX or Alpha hardware with vtVAX or vtVAlpha.

Contact us for more information about this option.