CPU and memory

vtAlpha-GS can virtualize any AlphaServer GS system from 1 - 32 CPU's. The Base License includes support for one CPU to which additional CPU licenses can be added.
vtAlpha-GS supports up to 256 GB of virtual Alpha memory.

QBB (Quad Building Block)

The AlphaServer GS system architecture consisted of QBBs, each of which supporting up to 4 Alpha CPUs, 32 GB Alpha memory and 32 PCI slots. Depending on the GS-model (GS80, GS160, GS320) it could contain 2, 4 or 8 QBBs

Emulated GS-models

vtAlpha-GS can virtualize the AlphaServer ES80, GS80, GS160, GS320 models. It also can replace AlphaServer GS1280 models with up to 32 Alpha CPUs. Support for 128 CPU Alphas is not necessary since these systems were hard-partitioned into smaller logical machines with maximum 32 CPUs.

Supported Alpha operating systems

  • OpenVMS 7.2-1h1
  • Tru64 4.0G

Clustering is supported (both OpenVMS and Tru64)

Storage subsystem

vtAlpha connects the virtual Alpha with modern storage. This allows to store the Alpha data on devices that were originally not supported by the OpenVMS or Tru64 version you are using.

The Alpha software continues to address its regular storage structure (SCSI disks and tapes, MSA/EVA SAN) despite the fact that the host side may use different technology (like SATA, iSCSI, NFS, or modern SAN (e.g. 3PAR, EMC, etc).
vtAlpha hides the technology differences for your software.

Network subsystem

vtAlpha virtualizes most Ethernet adapter types that were used in the Alpha computers. These virtual adapters can directly connect to a host Ethernet adapter or share a single host Ethernet link via an AVT virtual switch. All Alpha supported protocols will run on vtAlpha (TCP/IP, DECnet, Multinet, LAT, etc.).

vtAlpha offers extra virtual network options like the Virtual Network Switch and Bonding Devices, allowing to combine multiple virtual network links in a single host link.
VLAN connections are supported in our product.

These extra features help you to design the optimal network infrastructure for your virtual Alpha(s).

Serial lines

vtAlpha supports the OPA0 and COM2 serial ports by default. These can be mapped to a serial line or Ethernet port.

vtAlpha also supports virtual PBXDA serial lines adapters, each of which add eight serial lines to the two that are always available.

Host computer recommendations

For vtAlpha-GS, we recommend a X86 Server with an Intel Xeon E5v4 or E7v3 processor and a CPU frequency of at least 3 GHz.

See Host Computer Recommendations for more details on the sizing of the host system.

User documentation

User documentation is included in the product and accessible via the Management Interface in HTML and PDF format.

Software license protection

vtAlpha software is available under an End-User License. The license is stored on a physical license key (Smart Card technology) using a USB-connector for compatibility reasons.

Multiple vtAlpha and vtVAX licenses can be combined on a single license key. The vtAlpha license mechanism is network capable and can be made available across the company network to all virtual Alpha(s) and VAX(es) in the network.

Product items

Base License.
Virtualizes one AlphaServer GS-class system with one CPU, up to 32 GB virtual memory per QBB and all virtualized devices.

Additional CPU option.
Adds one extra virtual CPU to the vtAlpha-GS Base License.

Software Support Service.
Access to the support desk with questions or problems and free upgrades to the latest version of the purchased.

Disaster Recovery License.
720 hours of vtAlpha-GS usage that can be used for failover when the original license is unavailable or damaged.

vtAlpha-GS can replace:

  • AlphaServer ES80
  • AlphaServer GS80
  • AlphaServer GS160
  • AlphaServer GS320
  • AlphaServer GS1280

vtAlpha-GS virtualizes:

  • 1 - 32 Alpha CPUs
  • Up to 256 GB Alpha memory
  • Up to 255 available PCI slots
  • 1 - 8 Quad Building Blocks (QBB), depending on the GS model.
Each QBB supports:
  • up to 4 Alpha CPUs
  • 32 GB Alpha memory
  • 32 PCI slots
  • Ethernet Adapters
  • - DE600, DE500
  • - DE450, DE435
  • - DEGXA, EI1000
  • Serial Line Adapters
  • KZPBA SCSI Adapters
  • KGPSA Fibre Channel Adapter
  • VTDSK Legacy Storage Adapter
  • Logical disks and tapes
  • Physical disks and tapes
  • Generic SCSI devices

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