CPU and Backplane

vtAlpha-BS virtualizes a single CPU Alpha backplane with 15 PCI slots for virtual adapters. 32 GB virtual Alpha memory supported.

Supported Alpha operating systems

  • OpenVMS 6.2-1h3
  • Tru64 3.2C

Clustering is supported (both OpenVMS and Tru64)

Storage Subsystem

vtAlpha presents the virtualized Alpha all the hardware interfaces it expects (e.g., KZPBA SCSI and KGPSA FibreChannel) and the storage devices it is used to work with.

Internally the Alpha software continues to address its regular storage structure (SCSI disks and tapes, MSA/EVA SAN) despite the fact that at the host side different technology can be used (e.g. SATA, iSCSI, NFS or modern SAN equipment).

This is all transparent for the Alpha software, which still ‘sees’ the old device types. vtAlpha seamlessly connects the old Alpha world to the modern storage equipment.

Supported Storage Devices

  • Physical and Logical Disks
  • Physical and Logical Tapes
  • CD-ROM (Physical and Logical)
  • Direct SCSI-attached devices of unknown origin

All original Alpha disk types and sizes are supported by vtAlpha.

Logical Disks and Tapes appear as regular disks or tapes, attached to one of the virtual storage adapters configured in the virtual Alpha. On the host system these will be files in directories on the host attached storage.

Physical Disks and Tapes provide direct access to physical disks and tapes by assigning a physical host disk to a virtual disk in vtAlpha. Connecting a physical Alpha tape/disk drive is an option.

CD-ROM Physical DVD/CD-ROMs as Virtual DVD/CD-ROMs (ISO images) are supported, which can be connected as CD-ROM to vtAlpha.

Direct SCSI device This allows connecting generic SCSI devices for which a custom peripheral driver is present in the Alpha Operating System.

Network Subsystem

vtAlpha virtualizes most Ethernet adapter types that were used in the Alpha computers. These virtual adapters can directly connect to a host Ethernet adapter or share a single host Ethernet link via an AVT virtual switch. All Alpha supported protocols will run on vtAlpha (TCP/IP, DECnet, Multinet, LAT, etc.).

vtAlpha offers extra virtual network options like the Virtual Network Switch and Bonding Devices, allowing to combine multiple virtual network links in a single host link.
VLAN connections are supported in our product.

These extra features help you to design the optimal network infrastructure for your virtual Alpha(s).

Serial Lines

vtAlpha includes support for the two COM ports that are available on every Alpha system: OPA0 and COM2. These virtual devices can be mapped to:

  • A physical VT-like device connected to the host
  • Any VT-terminal emulator via telnet/ssh
  • Pseudo terminal on the host's console

vtAlpha also includes support for the PBXDA serial lines adapter, that can add 8 serial lines to the two that are already available.

Host Computer Environment

vtAlpha installs directly on the host (X86 hardware, Virtual Machine or Cloud) without the need for a pre-installed operating system like Windows or Linux.

This not only assures the security and availability of your virtual Alpha installation, it also saves you the cost and effort to purchase and maintain such additional operating systems.

Everything that is required to run your virtual Alphas and control the host environment is included in the vtAlpha product. It is often referred to as Bare Metal installation.

See Host Computer Recommendations for more details.

Secure Environment

vtAlpha creates a secure environment that can be configured by the system manager to meet the security needs of your company.

Security highlights:

  • Access roles and configurable security levels
  • Secure communication protocols
  • Encrypted environment in the Cloud
  • Event logging and alerts (configurable)

Software License Protection

vtAlpha is a software product available under End-User License. The licenses are stored on a Smart Card device with USB connector for maximum compatibility/flexibility. This license key is only 3 mm high, limiting the risk of damage or accidental removal when in use.

The License Protection Mechanism can control multiple instances of vtAlpha inside one host computer or in a company network, providing maximum flexibility and fail-over capabilities allowing a low-cost disaster-tolerant installation.

Product Items

Base License.
Virtualizes one AlphaServer BS-class system, single CPU, up to 32 GB virtual memory, and all virtualized devices.

Software Support Service.
Access to the support desk with questions or problems and free upgrades to the latest version of the purchased product.

Disaster Recovery License.
720 hours of vtAlpha-BS usage that can be used for failover when the original license is unavailable or damaged.

vtAlpha-BS can replace:

  • AlphaServer 800, 1000
  • AlphaStation 500, 600, DPW
  • XP900, XP1000
  • DMCC Tech OEM systems

vtAlpha-BS virtualizes:

  • 1 Alpha CPU
  • Up to 32 GB Alpha memory
  • High Density back-plane
  • 15 PCI slots
  • Ethernet Adapters
  • - DE600, DE500
  • - DE450, DE435
  • - DEGXA, EI1000
  • Serial Line Adapters
  • KZPBA SCSI Adapters
  • KGPSA Fibre Channel Adapter
  • VTDSK Legacy Storage Adapter
  • Logical disks and tapes
  • Physical disks and tapes
  • Generic SCSI devices

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