Advanced Virtualization Technologies (AVTware) develops Software that virtualizes a certain computer architecture that can run on a totally different one. Virtualization in its purest form.

Virtualizing one computer architectures on a different one compares with solving complicated puzzles. And to warrant that our solutions do not only work well, they also should deliver high performace so they match or even improve the speed of the computers we replace.

So, challenging work and a lot of fun. You will learn a lot and improve your skills. You will get the time to develop good solutions, we value quality over quantity. And we pay you well.

Our team of Software Engineers invites you to build best-in-class Hardware Virtualization Software.

We look for people with the following skills:

Software Developer C/C++

Linux expert

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AVTware is located in Eindhoven and we prefer people from that region. Our software developers work partly from home and partly from our Main Office in order to exchange ideas with their peers, so proximity to our office is an advantage.