We are pleased to announce version 4.0.1 of or Alpha/VAX virtualization products. This new version includes many function updates, many of which have been requested by our customers, as well as support for the latest software security standards.

For a detailed overview we refer to the V4.0.1 release notes and the Reference Manual for this version, but here is a summary of the most visible changes:


  • Implementation of the latest Software Security Standards.
  • Password history check. This (configurable) option can prevent the re-use of passwords.
  • Option to lock out users that have been inactive for a given time or who have multiple login failures.
  • Enhanced Snapshot Management.
  • Enhanced File Decompression capabilities.

VAX virtualization (vtVAX):

  • New configuration parameters for KZDDA and KFDDA controllers.
  • Allow blank paths for logical tape devices.
  • Allow filenames without extensions for logical tapes.
  • Change default DSSI unitid to unitno.



Alpha virtualization (vtAlpha):

  • Added resilience to license errors to avoid stops.
  • Virtual KGPSA can now handle changing port-id's.
  • Disallow (user) logfiles and disks on system disk.

User Interface (vtMonitor):

  • Enhanced formatting of the User Interface.
  • Cloud Management added.
  • Management of Certificates for Cloud VPN.
  • Copying of complete folders in Storage Tab.
  • New icons to reflect imminent license expiration.
  • Added button to clear adapter settings.
  • Added geometry parameters for VAX logical disks.

License Server (vtLicense):

  • Includes a Cloud-ready network configuration.
  • Can now manage multiple Cloud installations.
  • Firewall configurable for UDP and TCP.
  • Network proxy for Cloud/VPN can be enabled.

Please contact your AVTware solution provider for more information about this new version.

Despite the dismal situation the world finds itself in these days, AVT and their partners continue to provide Alpha and VAX support and product improvements as always.

Our virtualization solutions to replace the old AlphaServer and VAX computer hardware can be implemented without the absolute need to be on-site. This means that moving your Alpha and VAX applications from the old hardware to modern IT-platforms (X86 hardware, Virtual Machine or in The Cloud) can continue, even under the current circumstances.