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VAX and Alpha computers have long carried the (often custom-made) software that runs the primary processes of many companies. Unfortunately, after many years, this old hardware has come to the end of its road.
The applications that run on it have not and still control the company's primary processes. Creation of that software has cost a small fortune, and it is still important to its owners. Software migration is an expensive, labor intensive and risky operation, but continuity must be warranted.

AVTware and Vere Technologies have developed a solution for that problem: virtualization of the old system architectures on the latest IT technology like Virtual Machines, Cloud or bare metal hardware. Given the many systems we have replaced already, this has proven to be a good and reliable solution for many VAX and Alpha users.

The value of our expertise partners:

Given the importance of these systems to your organization it is wise to call in expertise to help you make the move. Our virtualization partners worldwide help implement virtualization in your organization. Their training, expertise and experience warrants a smooth and quick transition from the old to the new world.
That is the main value of these virtualization experts: a fast and problem-free transition.

New partners:

flag January 2024, Japan and South-Korea.
With great delight we announce that DPROS (South-Korea) and LexJapan (Japan) recently have joined our ranks. They will use our Alpha and VAX virtualization software in their respective countries to solve the continuity problems that the owners of this aged equipment face. Their expertise in the area of virtualization is undisputable and they have a long history of helping owners with this ancient equipment.

December 2023, India and Vietnam.
flag Has elected the AVT and Vere virtualization products to address the continuity needs of their Alpha and VAX customers in both India and Vietnam. Their expertise and our products will be of great help to their customers and we look forward to work with them on virtualization projects.

January 2023, USA.
flag Availability Experts specializes in extending the life of OpenVMS systems, increasing their security, performance and utility in the modern Internet age. Virtualization of VAX and Alpha systems greatly facilitates the goal of modernization.

January 2023, Belgium and Luxembourg.
flag is an OpenVMS powerhouse serving customers in Belgium and Luxembourg. When they discovered the advantages Alpha and VAX virtualization offer, they quickly embedded virtualization in their portfolio. Several transitions have already been successfully completed now.

April 2022, Ireland.
flag Westbourne-IT is a well-known IT specialist in Ireland and now uses AVTware to fix some of the problems their customers face. We already completed projects successfully and look forward to future adventures together.

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The Americas

North, Mid & South: Vere Technologies
Canada (ON): Weaver CS
Brasil: Fastway Tec
Brasil: Skill Brasil
Chile/Peru: ARS Servicios Profesionales
USA (NC): Salem Automation
USA (CA): Comware
USA (MS): Availability Experts


Austria: Campus Marienthal
Belgium: EuroVMS
Belgium: ITPhonic
Denmark: DanofficeIT
France: AVT France
Germany: AVT Germany
Germany: CST
Hungary: Datex
India: Monospear
Ireland: SwiftMigrate
Ireland: Westbourne IT
Italy: AVT Italy
Netherlands: BGS
Spain: AVT Spain
Sweden: CGI
United Kingdom: SwiftMigrate

Africa, Asia, Pacific

Egypt: Cairo Technologies
Arabian Peninsula: AVT
Israel: One
India: Monospear
Indonesia: AVT
Japan: Lexjapan
South Korea: DPROS
Malaysia: Comware Asia
Vietnam: Monospear

Australia: Corpita
New Zealand: AVT