AlphaStation 200 / AlphaServer 400 Emulator

AlphaServer400 The AlphaServer 400 was one of the first Alpha computers with PCI bus architecture, designed to deliver local server capabilities at the work-group level. It was equipped with a first generation Alpha processor (EV4).

Given their age and lack of hardware maintenance options these systems need to be replaced by modern equipment to protect the software they are currently running.

Trading up to a more modern Alpha or Integrity system is not a viable option for AlphaServer 400 installations, due to the fact they are running old software versions. Alpha Emulation is therefore a better alternative.

vtAlpha allows you to move the AlphaServer 400 software to a modern Intel or AMD based system (X86) by changing the hardware interface of the new host into something that resembles the original AlphaServer 400.

To run your Alpha software without changes, simply copy the contents of your Alpha disks to the virtual Alpha system.

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A virtual AlphaStation:

  • 1 Alpha CPU
  • Up to 32 GB Alpha memory
  • 6 PCI slots
  • Ethernet Adapters
  • - DE600, DE500
  • - DE450, DE435
  • - DEGXA, EI1000
  • Serial Line Adapters
  • KZPBA SCSI Adapters
  • KGPSA Fibre Channel Adapter
  • VTDSK Legacy Storage Adapter
  • Logical disks and tapes
  • Physical disks and tapes
  • Generic SCSI devices

Operating System support starts at:

  • OpenVMS 6.2-1h3
  • Tru64 3.2C