AlphaStation Emulation

AlphaStations Your AlphaStation runs software that is important to you, but unfortunately the Alpha computer was retired already some time ago which puts your applications at risk. Hardware maintenance and support is also an issue.

You need to do something about that in order to protect your valuable applications, which are still working perfectly. Only the Alpha is a problem.

vtAlpha offers a solution to this problem by creating the AlphaStation environment in a X86 computer system. Just copy the contents of your AlphaStation disks to the virtual AlphaStation and continue using your software for many more years.

vtAlpha has the workstation capability built in, enabling you to create a single box AlphaStation equivalent on a modern Intel or AMD based system. It also supports multiple graphical displays so you can create an exact copy of the original AlphaStation. Support for the following models is included:

  • AlphaStation 500, 600
  • AlphaStation XP900, XP1000
  • AlphaStation DS10, DS15
  • Digital Personal Workstation
  • Digital Ultimate Workstation

To run yous Alpha software without changes, simply copy the contents of your Alpha disks to the virtual Alpha system.

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A virtual AlphaStation:

  • 1 Alpha CPU
  • Up to 32 GB Alpha memory
  • 15 PCI slots
  • Ethernet Adapters
  • - DE600, DE500
  • - DE450, DE435
  • - EI1000
  • Serial Line Adapters
  • KZPBA SCSI Adapters
  • KGPSA Fibre Channel Adapter
  • VTDSK Legacy Storage Adapter
  • Logical disks an tapes
  • Physical disks and tapes
  • Generic SCSI devices

Operating System support starts at:

  • OpenVMS 6.2-1h3
  • Tru64 3.2C