Tru64 Native on x86

With the retirement of the Alpha system, Tru64 users were confronted with a bigger problem than the OpenVMS owners, as there was no successor product for Tru64 on the Integrity platform. As a Tru64 user, you were faced with two choices: move away from that resilient operating system, or hold on to what you had. Forever.

AVT offers a solution for those Tru64 users:

Alpha virtualization.

vtAlpha creates a virtual Alpha directly on a modern, common hardware host, allowing you to transfer your Tru64 environment without any change to vtAlpha. This allows you to continue using your Tru64 based applications for many years to come.

No migration, no changes, no risk.

vtAlpha runs Native on a regular x86 (64 bit) host platform, the type of system that is currently widely available. It runs on a physical x86 computer as well as on a virtual machine, meaning that it will fit well into the existing IT infrastructure of your organization.

vtAlpha builds the virtual equivalent of the Alpha you would like to replace inside a host system with a very different architecture. vtAlpha allows you to define an exact image of the original Alpha. This means that your software (Tru64 operating system, layered software and company applications) will not notice any difference between the old and the new environment. Hence, no need for any changes.

vtAlpha supports Tru64 versions as far back as v3.2. Even very old installations will therefore be able to survive the Alpha retirement.