OpenVMS and Tru64 Support

OpenVMS logo vtAlpha and vtVAX virtualize the Alpha or VAX hardware interface inside a x86 host system. As such, they are able to run the same OpenVMS or Tru64 versions that were supported by the original Alpha/VAX hardware.

vtVAX and vtAlpha have a portfolio of products that can replace most of the hardware variants manufactured during the 30-year life cycle of these computer lines.

Tru64 logo Moving your OpenVMS or Tru64 environment from the original hardware to its virtual equivalent in vtAlpha or vtVAX means that the entire original software constellation moves with it. This includes the operating system, its licenses and layered products, the user applications and processes, their databases, licenses - all of it. Everything is copied, nothing gets changed. The only thing that stays behind is the old hardware. The full disk content of the Alpha/VAX is carbon copied to the new host.

Clustering (OpenVMS and Tru64) is supported, however, from now on only NI clustering is required. The old hardware (DSSI, MSCP, CI, Memory Channel) stays behind. There is no usable hardware alternative, nor is there any need for it. Networking is fast enough these days to be able to discard the old hardware.

Even more good news is that, when running on vtAlpha and vtVAX, your existing and unchanged software can benefit from the newest technologies, such as high speed networking. VAX, which supported up to 10 Mbps, will now be able to benefit from the higher bandwidth offered by the host computer that runs the virtual VAX.

Another option is to simply move away from the old and obsolete MSA/EVA SAN hardware. Connect 3PAR (or any other SAN like EMC) to your OpenVMS or Tru64 system without your software knowing about it. This way OpenVMS v6 or v7 does support 3PAR and others!