High Availability at a Low Price


vtLicense elevates the and disaster resilience of your virtual VAX and Alpha installation. High availability at low cost.

vtLicense provides fail-over capabilities in case of host hardware failure. It also supports Live Host Migration (e.g. vMotion) in your Virtual Machine infrastructure, without having to stop the Alpha or VAX operation.

vtLicense distributes the vtAlpha and vtVAX license control in the network. A vtLicense unit can support production licenses, as well as disaster recovery licenses up to a mix of five. Use multiple vtLicense units in your network with a mix of production and disaster recovery licenses for maximum availability. Or install multiple vtLicense servers in your network for improved disaster resilience.

Disaster_Resilience This distributed setup of the virtual Alpha and VAX environment avoids having a single point of failure. Adding extra host capacity to your installation enables a quick restart of any virtual Alpha/VAX on the extra system in the event of a breakdown. This can be accomplished via extra host hardware (hot or cold stand-by) or by reserving overcapacity in the existing host systems.

In the sample setup three hosts are running vtAlpha and vtVAX instances. The two vtLicense units are populated with Production Licenses as well as Disaster Recovery Licenses.

When one of the vtLicense boxes becomes unavailable the host will look for free Production or Disaster Recovery Licenses on the other vtLicense. This without stopping the virtual Alpha(s) and VAX(es) it is running!

To prevent the long-term loss of the virtual Alpha(s) and VAX(es) in case of host hardware failure, we recommend to maintain copies of all virtual machines configurations on all hosts. This allows to restart these virtual Alphas and VAXes on other hosts and continue operation quickly. Make sure the storage is also accessible across the network (SAN) to eliminate hardware dependency.

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