Alpha and VAX Computer Replacement

There are two good reasons why important applications run in OpenVMS or Tru64 on Alpha or VAX computers: reliability and stability. However, the retirement of the Alpha and VAX systems puts your business operation at risk. Due to their age, Alpha and VAX computers can break-down more often and spare-parts are difficult to get.

So, you definitely have to move away from these old systems, the quicker, the better.

Migrating to a new hardware platform seems the most logical way to go. Unfortunately this new hardware (Intel/AMD X86 processor based systems) is not compatible with your existing Alpha/VAX software, forcing you into software migration. A complex process, requiring serious investments, both in time and money.

AVTware offers the best solution for this problem in the form of a virtualization layer that allows your existing software to run on modern systems, without making changes to that software. Our vtAlpha and vtVAX products create a virtual Alpha or VAX environment inside the new host, hiding its hardware differences from your applications.

It is the quickest and least expensive way to replace the old hardware.

This website explains how our products help you to fix your problem with the old hardware. Click on either Alpha or VAX below or start with your operating system. We also show you how to modernize your existing Alpha or VAX environment quickly and efficiently without making any code changes in your current software.

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