Embed OpenVMS/Tru64 into the Modern Storage World

Alpha and VAX use storage technology that, to current standards, is considered out-of-date. vtAlpha and vtVAX allow you to embed old software into the modern storage world without making modifications to your applications.


Old . .

For storage, VAX(es) used MSCP, DSSI and SCSI, while Alpha(s) used SCSI or first generation SAN solutions for tape and disk storage. Storage is especially vulnerable to wear and tear.

. . and new

vtAlpha and vtVAX form a layer between the two worlds that is transparent to both. Our solution translates back and forth between the two worlds in real time. Your VAX and Alpha software still "sees"' the hardware environment it is used to and is not aware of any new technology.

Your software can continue to address MSCP, DSSI,SCSI or old SAN storage, while vtAlpha and vtVAX make the translation to modern storage such as SATA, SAS, iSCSI, NFS or modern SAN technology (i.e. 3PAR, EMC, Hitachi, others).

OpenVMS or Tru64 data can be stored on the company SAN in a physical disk partition, somewhere in the network using iSCSI or NFS. Alternatively it can use local storage in the host on which it runs, as either a physical or virtual disk.

Logical devices (disks or tapes) are recognized by the virtual Alpha/VAX as if they were physical disks.The devices are now stored as files stored somewhere on the storage that is attached to the host. Logical devices also offer the option to combine multiple smaller disks on a single physical host disk. When using logical tapes, your back-up processes will be much quicker.