Hardware consolidation with AVTware


Alpha and VAX systems can run together on a single host system, leading to significant gains in footprint hardware costs, maintenance fees and energy consumption. Current X86 systems support many CPU-cores and large amounts of memory, allowing you to benefit from scaling down in hardware size.

For example, a 1U high rack-mount X86 host system with 12 CPU-cores could support either eight single CPU Alpha systems, two 4-CPU virtual ES45 systems, or two 3-CPU VAX7000s. This is hardware downsizing on a grand scale!
Not to mention the massive gains made on your energy consumption budget.

You can mix and match virtual Alpha and VAX systems on a single host, providing it has the following prerequisite resources:

  • Every virtualized CPU requires 1.5 host CPU-core
  • Per virtual Alpha/VAX: virtual memory + 25% + 1 GB
  • Storage: virtual storage + 20 GB (AVTware system area)

AVTware also allows you to spread and manage your virtual Alpha and VAX base over more than one host system, allowing you to manage it from any location in your network.