Bare Metal

The applications of our customers are vital to their organizations. The high reliability and security standards demanded by these operating environments are the main reason for using Alpha or VAX computers running OpenVMS or Tru64.

vtAlpha and vtVAX can maintain these high security and reliability standards via its Bare Metal architecture.

Bare Metal

Our product installs directly on the host hardware, avoiding the need for an external (and third-party) operating system.

Eliminating that extra layer gives vtAlpha/vtVAX full control over the hardware it runs on, elevating the reliability and security to the level you require. An added bonus is that the costs of purchasing and maintaining the extra layer are also avoided.

We included support for virtual Fiber Channel adapters, Virtual Network Switches, iSCSI, NFS, SMB and modern SAN storage.

It does no matter whether these were supported by your version of OpenVMS or Tru64. You can now move to the latest storage technology and leave the old products behind. For example, you can simply switch from MSA/EVA to 3PAR or EMC.

This is valid for both virtual Alpha (vtAlpha) and VAX (vtVAX).

The vtServer component manages the host hardware allowing multiple virtual Alpha and VAX instances to run in parallel in the same host and share its resources. vtServer is the Virtual Machine Manager or Hypervisor.

To increase the effectiveness of the vtAlpha and vtVAX products we have added a web browser-based management tool, named vtMonitor. This tool allows you to manage the virtual Alpha(s) and VAX(es) in your organization from any desktop in your network that is authorized for system management tasks.

In vtMonitor the system manager can quickly create and change vtAlpha or vtVAX configurations as well as manage the host environment these are running in. For example, you can create Virtual Network Switches that combine multiple virtual Alpha and VAX network links across a single host network connection, or allow in-host networks that do not need to go outside the box.

The Bare Metal advantages don't fit on a single web page. Please ask your local vtAlpha/vtVAX provider for more information.